Kris King

For over 25 years Kris King has been a leader in the Personal, Professional, and Organizational Development field with responsibility for Keynote and Inspirational Speaking, Team Cohesion Building, and Leadership Training/Coaching.

As a uniquely graceful, authentic, and inquiring change orchestrator who has helped launch the careers of leaders in the field of Transformational Education, Kris King has facilitated thousands to live expansively, achieve their goals and become exceptional leaders in their personal and professional lives. A client relates,

“Kris possesses a gift of the most balanced mix of intelligence, perception, spirituality and honesty, accompanied by an ability to rapidly collate information and respond in a cogent, individual fashion.”

Her outstanding ability to connect with a diverse cross-section of individuals and audiences has created an impressive resume of expertise and depth. Kris quickly gains the trust and respect of those around her through her authentic leadership style, as another client relates,

“Kris has built a business and inspired greatness. She shares her heart, speaks with grace about her collision with breast cancer, the death of her son, and rejuvenation of her marriage. She is truly a model of the woman who can inspire.”

Kris currently lives in Eugene, OR with her husband Kyle.