When I Changed My Mind, I Changed My World

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Taking the next steps into the unknown, Bhutan

Taking the next steps into the unknown, Bhutan

If you want your future
to be a repeat of your past,
keep telling your story.
If you want your future
to be a bold and daring
start dreaming.
The choice is yours!

– Kris King

Ever wonder how Kris King got involved with WINGS Seminars? In this podcast episode, Kris reads Chapter 2 of My Heart Has Wings, where she describes her emotions while fighting breast cancer, and her first experience with WINGS Seminars.

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7 Responses to “When I Changed My Mind, I Changed My World”

  1. Terri Snell says:

    Do you have an audio version of “My Heart has Wings”? I would love to share this with my 81 year old Mother, who is legally blind.

    I see that I could download each chapter and burn it to a disk. I was hoping that you already had made an mp3 version for downloading.

    Also for your consideration:

    Oregon has a “Talking Book” program for the sight impaired:

    It would be wonderful to see this book available for people like my Mother.


  2. Ole says:

    Howdy Kris and all,

    Just reread the latest news letter. Its a dandy. Comments on an “extraordinary life” got me moving. Had started to slide into post retirement doldrums, overly focused on the ancient art of sofa anchoring. The Dalai Lama supposedly did say that sleep is the best meditation. Who am I to contradict his Eminence?

    Seriously, the lessons and tools I received from the PES and all of the other Wings seminars I attended nearly 20 years ago have served me well since during life’s ups and downs. Accountability, forgiveness, honesty, joy, clarity et al.; it all works.

    Blessings to all,

    Ole T. Helgerson

  3. Rahma Burns says:


    Your voice, and your experiences expressed in this podcast, speaks to the tears found in my own heart. Often, I have an excuse or a poor me or resignation when I cannot overcome a very real physical or emotional obstacle and you have reminded me of the importance of taking a stand, setting intent so strong that it all becomes real and not stopping with fear.

    Love and Respect To You!

  4. Ann Marie Mehlum says:

    Thank you, Kris. Just hearing your voice brings back some “ah-ha” moments for me… and as I listen to your wise words, I realize I have been a “victim” of this recession for a very long and heavy year….. I feel lighter already! And, I’m feeling so grateful you chose life. xoxo Ann Marie

  5. C.J. Williams says:

    Thank you again for sharing your experiences with all of us! Hearing about your emotions through your experience with cancer has touched me. Also hearing the words “accountability” “ownership and “dream”, has helped me to remember that my beliefs create my experience.
    Thank you Kris for every thing you do.

    With love,

  6. Carol Zosel says:

    Ah…..hearing your story again, and the challenge to “live an extraordinary life, was a wonderful way to start my day.  I’m living a fuller, richer life as the result of my Wings experiences.  I am so greatful Chuck will have this opportunity in January for PES and we’ll be together for Listening Heart.  Life has never seemed so precious and those words “this ain’t no dress rehearsal” have more meaning than they ever did before the time I spent with all of you.

    I send love and gratitude,

  7. Tatiana Bredikin says:

    Thanks, Kris, I enjoy being touched by you through these podcasts. I realize it’s a one-way communication unless I let you know you’ve touched me. So to close the loop I’ll say, “thank you.”
    I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from you again.