Life Will Never Be The Same

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Mathew Spencer King
Mathew Spencer King
July 7, 1965-July 14, 1986

I thank my God every time I remember you.
– Philippians 1:3




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4 Responses to “Life Will Never Be The Same”

  1. Betty Thornton says:

    Dear Kris

    I am sure you know that Matthew means
    gift from God. Truly you were blessed to inspire
    us with the wisdom you received from
    your son Matthew,
    Thank you for the spiritual enligtment
    and helping all of us to live life to our fullest.

  2. Susan Murphy says:

    Oh my gosh,what a precious being you are!
    I feel as if I now know Matthew. What a gift he is to you. Not was,because he is still living on through you,giving you gifts of his pure and precious love to share with others.
    Thank you gentle woman for continuing to let this bright beacon of light flourish and lead others into brightness.
    God bless you dear lady.
    lots of love,

  3. Ruth Gray says:

    While attending PES in June, I was deeply nourished by an “aligned” quality of voice and being and purpose in your delivery of the course. I tried to thank you for that which I could not exactly articulate. Thanks so much for this Podcast where you reach out and speak to make clear the incomprehensible, the mysterious, the love. With love and thanks to you.

  4. Lisa Weaver says:

    I so enjoyed listening to the Podcast. I love to hear the emotion and love in Kris’s voice. The message gives me hope that I will too smile again as she does.