Knowing How To Know What You Want

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Did you ever feel confused about what you want? Do you sometimes think you don’t really know yourself and what brings you satisfaction and joy? Please join me as we explore together knowing how to know what you want.

With love and gratitude,

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5 Responses to “Knowing How To Know What You Want”

  1. Brain says:

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  3. Melia Tuma says:

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  4. Mary Porfido says:

    Dear Kris,

    Thank you for sharing the evening of “Knowing How To Know What You Want.” via You Tube. I know I expressed the desire to share in the evening events via the web because I live too far to attend on a regular basis. I am impressed with the quick response I received.

    I also want to add that your clarity and eloquence in which you deliver your message via video makes me think I am right there in the classroom.

    In Love and Unity,
    Mary Porfido

  5. Jerry Musselman says:

    Hello Kris
    Greetings from Colorado. Been a while since we have connected – – last time was way back in the 80’s & early 90’s.
    I have been watching your Podcasts and as usual, they are excellent. One comment on the sound. Picking up a lot of room noise so your voice is echo-ing and the result is distracting from your message. Sounds like you are talking thru a can. Suggest connecting with your podcast crew and see if somehow they can remove the echo.

    Jerry Musselman
    PES – 1986