What’s So Scary About The Truth?

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What's So Scary About The Truth

Awakening brings its own assignments,
unique to each of us,
chosen by each of us.
Whatever you may think about yourself, and
however long you may have thought it,
you are not just you.
You are a seed, a silent promise.

– Marilyn Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy

August 1987

Come with me on a journey, a journey to a very special place, a place where the words spoken are words of truth, where the actions are demonstrations of the truth, that everything you see and feel and hear is all the truth, and all the truth is given with love. Give yourself a moment to truly imagine such a place. Sitting here at my typewriter and thinking about such a place touches me deeply; so much so that the front of my shirt is wet with tears and my heart is full. Is that the idealist in me speaking? Is there a yearning in each of us that wants to know we are living with the truth, and the truth is based in love?

For a major portion of my life, I thought that I was the most honest person in the world and, naturally, prided myself on it, because I never told a lie. It was a rude awakening for me when I learned in the Personal Effectiveness Seminar that all those things I thought and never said—because someone might not like it, or they might not like me, or I wouldn’t get my own way—were really lies.

I was truly stunned, and I knew it was true. I had withheld my own truth because I didn’t think I could stand what would happen. I feared other’s judgments, anger, and abandonment. I had learned how to be “nice.”

What did I do with my revelation? All those responses from others were still possible, right? On the other hand, I knew how invisible the real me felt when I withheld the truth. Time to choose. Step by step, interaction by interaction, I tried the truth out, keeping two simple thoughts as my guides:

1. The truth given without love is simply judgment.
2. The truth not listened to is self-denial.

Have you ever wondered how to build your self-respect? Well, as I progressed in my journey with the truth, I noticed that I was valuing myself more and more. I was even listening to what I had to say!

What’s so scary about the truth? That someone may not like you, that someone might have a different point of view? What I now think is really scary is that I could live this life and not be known for who I really am, that my dreams and visions could go unrealized all because I was afraid of what could happen. That made my choice easy.

On my journey with the truth, I have learned another lesson. Listening to the truth of others with love is just as important as telling the truth with love. When I get defensive, it makes it unsafe for the other person to speak their truth. Does this mean all you hear is the truth? You are the only one who will know.

As I go through my days, reading the newspaper and noticing how we as individuals, employees, citizens, etc., respond in our daily lives, I am having a growing sense of urgency about how we value the truth. The place you saw when we went on our imagined journey is a possibility only if each of us creates it within ourselves.

It sounds so simple and it is; that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

1. What is it about telling the whole, microscopic truth that stops you from telling it? What could happen?

2. In which parts of your life is it easy to tell the whole truth? And what is the impact of telling the whole truth?

3. In which parts of your life is it most difficult to tell the whole truth? And what is the impact when you don’t?

4. Who are your best role models for telling the truth? What is it you most admire about them?

I encourage you to share your responses to the reflection questions in the comments section.

With love and gratitude,
Kris King

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3 Responses to “What’s So Scary About The Truth?”

  1. Steve Tourigny says:

    Thank you Kris. This one really resonated and brought me back to a very personal moment: Learning the difference between judging and discerning. Must have been 9 years almost to the day on Day #2 or 3 of my PES.

    PEACE and Best Regards,

    Steve Tourigny

  2. Susan Murphy says:

    Telling the truth is the most powerful gift that we can give to ourself and to others as long as it is spoken with reverence and love. I have experienced it fully and it is challenging and being in the moment to create that atmosphere of safety, humility and authenticity.
    With love and a heart full of gratitude.

  3. Betty Thornton says:

    I feel fabulous . I have seen the process of Wing Seminars especially Lifeworks and I am saying yes to life. Your realness Kris opens our hearts to find our own self. I feel power within when I am truthful with myself and to others around me .
    Yes it would be an unbelieveable world if everyone told the truth.
    Thank you for sharing.