A Pebble or a Gem?

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A Pebble or a Gem?

Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts.
This is the secret of success.
– Swami Sivananda

Has this ever happened to you?

You are reading along, agreeing with the material, finding it fairly interesting, and then your perspectives about things start to expand, your curiosity is piqued, and you become fully engaged with what you are reading. Then all of a sudden a phrase literally jumps off the page at you! Larger than life and much larger than any bold print, because the sentence is almost like a collision—thoughts, perspectives, feelings, insights, and understanding coming together all at once. The pieces of a puzzle fall into place (you might not have even known you were missing a piece!), and you have a profound sense of clarity, a lightness of being, an expansion of your consciousness. In that moment everything changed.

Aren’t we incredible! Seemingly unrelated information and events coming together, creating insight and the potential for simple and profound courses of action that can add great meaning and experience to our lives. These times are truly times to savor and to be thankful for. A child might clap their hands and burst out laughing, or be wondrously silent, gazing off into the unseen distance. An adult may exclaim “Eureka!” and run off to find someone to share the new insight with or grab their journal and write it all down to make sure they remember every single aspect.

Have you ever had this fantastic experience and wanted to instantly share it with someone? So you race to find that special person. They read it, look at you quizzically, and say, “What are you so excited about?” To you, this information is a precious gem, crystalline and pure, penetrating directly to personal clarity. To your friend, it looks like one of millions of pebbles on the beach, interchangeable, nondescript, a mere shoulder shrug! How odd. When that happens, how do you feel? Deflated in some way, perhaps even a loss of enthusiasm.

Remember Illusions, a great book about consciousness, by Richard Bach? I agree with Don Shimoda, the enlightened barnstormer, when he says, “You can do it with any book…if you read carefully enough…hold some problem in your mind, then open any book handy and see what it tells you.” We are surrounded by helpful information in so many forms: music, literature, science, art, films, mathematics, silence, nature. All we need to be is open to it.

So it is no wonder our answers, our gems, are someone else’s pebbles. They are involved with their lives and finding their own gems, solutions to their own puzzles. What I would encourage you to do the next time someone you care about comes to you with their new insight is to look for the gem instead of finding the pebble. Be curious and supportive and watch them light up!

Sometimes there are gems so elegant and precise they touch many deeply.

I would like to share a gem with you that stunned me in its simplicity and power and has become a touchstone in my life.

“Given the situation, the event, the circumstances…how do I be the very best me possible?”

A pebble or a gem, it’s up to you.

1. Have you ever had an important realization, wanted to share it, and had some- one not “get it”? What was the realization(s)?

2. How did you feel about yourself in that moment when they didn’t “get it,” and how did you feel about them?

3. What does it take for you to hold your own excitement even when others do not agree? How do you do it?

I encourage you to share your responses to the reflection questions in the comments section.

With love and gratitude,
Kris King

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3 Responses to “A Pebble or a Gem?”

  1. Leo says:

    Even the most ordinary of the ordinary in this world require many things to happen for it to manifest itself. How all things come to be and at any particular time or order, to me is part of life’s great mystery, and I love every moment !

  2. Randi says:

    Many times I have felt some disappointment that another person did not get my moment of clarity, but then why should they? It’s my moment, meant for me and my personal learning experience. If and when they get it will be based on their experience, and let’s face it you will only understand something if and when it is your time to grasp it.

  3. Steve Tourigny says:

    Thanks Kris.

    I live for synthesis: The combining of 2, 3 or more seemingly unrelated facts or ideas (“pebbles?”) into a new, bolder or more more meaningful one ( a “gem””?).

    They are everywhere and we are so bombarded with information that it is easy to miss the connections that open through discovery to such insight. the key for me is to slow down, and take it all in. So easy to say; but, so hard for me to learn.

    Thank you for another timely break!