The Incredible Lightness of Being

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Hi! I am Kris King and I’d like to welcome you to my blog. Last evening here at WINGS we did a Special Evening, and the title of it was “The Incredible Lightness of Being.” We had such a good time, that I really wanted to share with you the things that we did last night.

One of the ways I’d like you to start is to check in and find out what’s true for you right now. If you feel comfortable, I encourage you to close your eyes for a moment. When I ask you questions, just listen to what happens inside of you, especially your first answer, to see if it’s true for you. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, that’s alright. But it’s better with your eyes closed.

So close your eyes, take a nice deep breath. Remember to listen to your first answer.

Are you having as much fun as you want?
Are you easy to laughter and light-heartedness?
Do you laugh at your own mistakes and really mean it?
Are those lines subtly forming on your face from smiling and laughing out  loud?
Do you wake up eager to begin your day… anticipating what is awaiting you in that day?
Do you enjoy the simple things in life… every day?
Do you feel happy seeing others smile, enjoying themselves?
Do you talk with others about how happy you are?


Are you feeling the incredible lightness of being right now?

So, just noticing your answers, and taking a nice deep breath.

If you had more no’s than yes’s… you are in the right place, because we’re going to explore how to get more yes’s in your life.
If you had more yes’s than no’s, I want you to write to me and tell me how you do it.

One of my favorite quotes that helps me remember “What is this incredible lightness of being?” is by Oscar Wilde, and it goes

“Life is too important to be taken seriously.”

Now, does that kind of give you pause? The first time I read it and went “What is he talking about?”

And then I got it.

If you look at the word “serious” in Miriam Webster’s Dictionary, it’s synonyms are things like: grave, solemn, sedate, staid, sober, earnest, not light, utterly free of levity, prim self-restraint, and concerned.

Now, when you hear that sequence of words, do you feel a great lightness of being, ready to go out and set the world on fire? I don’t think so. When I hear those words, I have a sense of tightness, of not much breath, of being really fearful about what’s going on in my world. Life is too important to be taken seriously from a tight, restrained, contained state of being.

What I think Oscar Wilde did not mean:
It’s time to be an air head, without goals, vision or purpose.
It’s time to be uncaring or selfish.
It’s time to disengage from your responsibilities.
It’s time to just do what you want, not paying attention to the impact you have on others or our world.
It’s time to pretend everything is wonderful when it is not.

What I think he did mean:
That life is so precious that we live it fully and passionately.
That it is time to be heart centered.
That it is time to be relaxed, resourceful, and present.
That it is time to be creative and open to the mystery of life.
That it is time to be self-aware, accountable for ourselves, open to feedback.
That it is time to focus on what is instead of what isn’t.
That is is time be thankful, to share your gifts with others, being in service.

I want to share with you a recent event in my life that was pretty shocking. And yet, by using these seven principles, it turned into delight. I journey to Bhutan. I’ve been there seven times. It’s one of my favorite countries in the world – imagine having a theme of the country be Gross National Happiness instead of Gross National Product!

Ten days before the trip I get a phone call from my travel agent, Doug, and he said “I have some bad news.” He paused, and my heart started beating, and then he said “I have some really bad news.” My heart rate went up even more.

I took a nice deep breath, and I said “Okay. Tell me.”

He said “You have no tickets from Bangkok into Paro, Bhutan, or from Paro back out to Bangkok on Drukair.

Drukair is the national airline, it’s the only planes that go in and out of the country. It’s high season, it’s festival week, and I think “Hmm…. I’m going on this trip.” I said to Doug “We can handle this,” and he thanked me for my trust.

It took five days of back and forth between Bangkok and Eugene, Oregon to get our planes in. We’d get there a day later, we’d leave two days early. We lost three days in Bhutan.

The whole time I was interacting with Doug, we were doing this: we were being open, we were being curious, we were being resourceful and totally accountable. At the five day mark, I talked to my guides in Bhutan. I told them what had happened: we were going to lose three days in Bhutan. A five day trek, where he had hired guides and cooks and animals. I felt really, really scared to tell him that, that there was no way that it could work. When I told him what had happened, he just stopped and breathed. He said “We can handle that.” And we did.

When I got off the plane in Paro, we were late. However, we both started laughing with each other, and made a commitment: We are going to make this the best trip we have ever taken. And it was.

Life is too important to be taken seriously is a theme in my life. When I contract and get fearful, I don’t think clearly. When I am relaxed and get curious, the world opens… opens wide and bright… and beautiful.

So, the incredible lightness of being is the result of taking life with joy, curiosity and love.

With love and gratitude,

Kris King

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6 Responses to “The Incredible Lightness of Being”

  1. Sinclair says:

    This is incredible. How wonderful to see your presence shared beyond the seminar room! And it’s the perfect thing for me to hear right now – thank you for your glorious thoughts, and gorgeous delivery.

    So much love,

  2. Lori Graham says:

    Kris, I am, once again, amazed by the timing of this sharing. There are big changes going on where I work and the air there is so thick, it is practically visible.
    Thanks to the remindings I received from Wings, I can take a deep breath, and remind myself that fear and doubt are but one step outside of the circle of love and respect. Only one step!
    Accepting what is, in no way means that I am helpless! I only need to be open, head, heart, body and soul, to the wonders and abundance that the universe has to offer!
    Oscar Wilde is one my favorite “reminders” too! Thank you for your most excellent interpretation! I can honestly say there is far greater laughter in my life now, than tears! XO Lori “I am luminous and wise, connected and open!”

  3. James Sant says:

    All YES…and what a beautiful gift to see you embodying and reflecting this message. So…how do I do “it”.
    At this point life has become a dance of aligning and being ever present with the connection to a higher vibration that permeates and transcends my every interaction and invites all experiences and playfully dares all energy that may propose opposition as a fruitful challenge not to be missed. All without resistance…just by merely being….just being…
    In this alignment I am hyper aware of life as an ever expanded flow moving forward and outward endlessly and all I simply do is release all fear and surrender to it’s beauty. This invites so much bliss and so much happiness into my being that the lower vibrational qualities of fearful or worrisome situations or thoughts present themselves in a whole new way. I see them for the beautiful gift they are in my path of surrendering and expanding my own journey. In this place there only deep compassion and appreciation for all the simultaneous aspects presented in any conceivable problem and most importantly there is the loss of fear. With this loss of fear every decision become a matter of aligning and hearing that inner intuitive YES when contemplating the path forward. All of the old strings of attachment to “what if” or endless mental masturbation of focusing upon what is “not right” about any given direction simply is gone…simply is gone
    Nothing …and I do mean nothing…can permanently rile me or knock me off balance as there is now an innate solid understanding that the reason for the very existence of such challenges is to further expand my ability to find solution and expand…without any attachment to the vibration of the problem, scary situation or challenge.
    Like many I was at one time in my life reaching for that Utopic place where all would just be at peace and everyone would run around with a cheschire grin and all would be at peace (a pipe dream I no longer believe in). And indeed some of the closest vibrational peaks of utopia I felt was in moving through the entire wings experience. I left there so fired up only to step back into the harsh “reality” of a world filled with pain and suffering…and how would I ever sustain that intimate trusting wholistic vibration we all sustained in the various seminars. This weighed heavy upon me for years and at one point acted as a catalyst in blowing me wide open and thrust me into a new way of being.
    I now so cherish the gift the seminar gives to each participant as it plants that seed…that longing…that drive to find the inner peace we all held in sync together at Wings. For me it opened my soul up to the ultimate alignment with a peace that transcends, yet invites every moment of every day and every interaction with integrity, compassion and bliss….
    Oh yeah…and the truth I now know to the core of my being…the Utopia I longed for only fell within the trap of focusing on what we do not have instead of celebrating all that we do have…ALL that we do have and how the most frightening fears we can conceive of bring nothing but the most integrated opportunity for expansion. The whole picture is so beautiful because it is not a bland utopia of enlightened beings choosing to live in denial of the gifts this realm has to offer.
    Deepest of deepest bows in appreciation for you Chris King and all you are doing in planting seeds of ever expanding vibrational change in this ever changing dynamic beautiful life.
    Namaste, James Sant

  4. Kristin Sinclair says:

    Kris – thank you for this wonderful reminder and for sharing your gift of insight. It’s been awhile since we have “seen” each other but I think of you and your messages often.

    Kristin Sinclair

  5. Mindy Lyman says:

    Oh Kris, It was wonderful to hear you again. Since I was at your class “The Incredible Lightness of Being” It was like a wonderful recap for me to hear the lesson over again, and to be reminded of how I can make positive choices in my life daily, and to choose to touch others lives in a positive way, by being open to receive and to give to others.

    You have touched my life all these years, that I have attended the Wings Seminars, in such a profound way. My life keeps changing upward and onward for the ” Incredible Lightness of Being” is a part of my daily life. Thanks to your wonderful teaching and sharing your own life with me and so many others.

    Keep up the LOVE that you share with others. My life has never been the same, since I have started attending your grand classes.

    May God keep blessing you, so that you can keep touching others lives. Thank YOU so very much.

    Love, Mindy Lyman
    I’m a valuable woman trusting and free.

  6. Oh, Kris, what a wonderful teaching you gave! Thank you so much. Yes, indeed, creating extraordinary lives is what its all about. I so appreciate your commitment to assisting folks to do just that. My life is forever changed from my years spent in the seminar room at Wings.
    Much love and gratitude always, Namaste.