Simple Gifts

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Time to Reflect

The past is history.
The future is a mystery.
Today is a gift
That is why we call it the present.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you believe in magic? I do.
Let’s pretend we have a magic wand! And when we wave it, all these simple gifts will be ours—every one of them! Things for us to share and treasure for a lifetime or for one exquisite moment.

  • The gurgling laughter of a newborn child, radiantly trusting and eager, tiny fingers grasping yours without question
  • Discovering that the book you are reading is so wonderful, you never want it to end
  • The first whiff of wood smoke heralding the coming of fall
  • The wag of a tail, a woof of welcome, a ball dropped at your feet…play with me
  • Finding the perfect gift for a friend, something you know they will cherish
  • The poetry of Kahlil Gibran, E. E. Cummings, Emily Dickinson, Hafiz, of life. Rich words that draw you deeper into the mystery.
  • The vibrant hues of sundown, blazing across an evening sky…the dawn not far away
  • A deep sigh of enjoyment and appreciation—a job well done
  • The pull of the stars and planets as they gleam boldly in the heavens
  • A hand outstretched to you, warm, welcoming, beckoning, just for you
  • Heartfelt, belly-shaking laughter, contagious and inviting
  • Tilling the soil and preparing it for planting, nurturing, and watching your garden grow
  • Standing before the creation of a master in deep appreciation of their commitment and their
    courage to be seen
  • Holding someone close to your heart, without words or expectation, reverent connection
  • Beholding the miracle of a teardrop sliding down the cheek of a stranger or one you love
  • Frost painting pictures on the windowpane, crystallized moments
  • The creation of a wave folding and crashing its way to shore, its thunder filling the salty air
  • Laugh lines at the corners of wise eyes—deep, clear, and irreverent
  • Robust souls lifting their voices in song, telling part of life’s story
  • Observing someone do a kindness for another and feeling your heart swell with tenderness
  • The first tentative steps of a child, focused, wavering, succeeding
  • The wind dancing and soaring, playing with autumns leaves, a whirlwind of color
  • Eyes, beautiful eyes, gazing at the mystery that surrounds us, seeing more than the eye can see
  • Family, community, sitting together, hands held in gratitude and reverence for the abundance of
    our lives and relationships
  • Sharing a meal prepared with love, a glass of wine, and free-flowing conversation with friends
  • Catching the eye of someone you love from across the room and smiling your secret smile
  • The moment of recognition that all life is connected and divine and you are part of it all
  • Feeling the surge of excitement and exhilaration that comes with taking a risk and succeeding

Simple gifts, simple treasures that cost nothing and yet fill our lives with magic. Are there more? Yes. The list is unending and begins the moment you wake up each morning.

1. What things would you add to your list of simple gifts?

2. Are these things you enjoy alone or with others? When is your experience most intense?

3. How do “simple things” enrich your experience of life?

4. When your expectations are not met, what do you do?

I encourage you to share your responses to the reflection questions in the comments section.

With love and gratitude,
Kris King

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5 Responses to “Simple Gifts”

  1. Diane Cortez says:

    Thanks Kris…what a wonderful list! I’ve been thinking of the very same things these last few days. A few other things I am grateful for are:
    The warmth of a cozy home on a cold, blustery night.
    The smell of warm food cooking in the kitchen, knowing that I am lucky enough to be fed today.
    Being in the presence of something miraculous as a loved one passes to the other side of this life.
    Being in the presence of something miraculous when a new spirit arrives to join us in this life.
    A note from a mother saying how grateful she is for her children.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Christine Drake says:

      Listening to “Simple Gifts” is the perfect start to my Thanksgiving Day.
      Thank you.

  2. Sherrie Frank says:

    Dear Kris,

    I love your list. Reading it today was like taking in a deep cleansing breath. I thought of a few more…

    * chubby kisses from sweet toddlers
    * work that is heartfelt, meaningful and contributing to love & peace
    * being in the process of creating
    * the comfort and support of life-long friendships

    Blessings to you dear friend!

  3. ronna ricco says:

    The sparkle of fresh snow on a sunny crisp morning.
    The thrill and excitement of seeing a long time friend.
    The satisfaction that comes from helping someone else.

  4. Lori E. says:

    Thank you Kris for all you and your company does! Happy Gratitude Day to you and your extended families….whatever that may look like!