Up Close and Personal… 25 Years with Kris King

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WINGS Seminars is celebrating 25 years in business this year. On a recent morning, WINGS Vice President Sherrie Frank took a moment to interview Kris King about being in business and being in service for 25 years. Many of the questions that Kris answers in this video were submitted through the WINGS Facebook page, and cover topics ranging from running a socially responsible business to creating the life you dream about. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions!

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11 Responses to “Up Close and Personal… 25 Years with Kris King”

  1. Kris & Sherrie,

    I just got time to finish this after a crazy and totally out of control January (I’ll spare the details for another post when I can get it in perspective). Congratulations on 25 years! Hard to believe it has been nearly 10 years since my first exposure to your fine work. Every day I am reminded of the insights I gained through my Wings awakening:

    1) That Ego and being who you are, are not a bad thing unless you abuse your strengths and gifts.

    2) That service is not what you do to meet another person’s needs; It is giving freely your very strengths to see others grow.

    3) The difference between “judging” and “discerning”, a distinction that I could not comprehend before my time at Wings.

    These are just three of many “Aha’s!” that I experienced.

    The journey continues and I’ll be sure to weigh in on the 50th Wings 3D hologram celebration in 2036.

    Steve Tourigny

  2. Jeri Carr says:

    I remember my first day at Wings P.E.S. wow I found me and my life and I have been living on my terms and creating my vision every since. Kris I love you and I cherrish the work you do. I have been inspired and deeply touched watching you be authentic and balanced while sharing your 25 year interview. I will continue to adovcate for wings. Thank you for all that you and wings has given me so that can now be the whole and powerful woman that I am.

  3. Alan Peroutka says:

    Kris, what a great retrospective and inspiring view of the future possibilities of Wings! I am happy to hear that your vision includes continuing and even expanding this work that has helped me and the other Wings participants uncover and move towards our dreams. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. Trish Clabaugh says:

    Kris – once again, thank you for your inspiration and reminders of what really matters, and what should be the focus in life. Your interviews and podcasts are great ways to stay connected! I am advocating for Wings, and wish you continued success.

  5. Jack McKenzie says:

    Awesome interview!!! I am a thirteen year grad and I have seen many wonderful changes in friends and family members that I have encouraged to attend Wings. Most importantly, I have seen the changes in my own life because of WIngs. I can still remember the first time you asked me to stand up in front of the PES group and asked me what I really wanted in my life and at that time I didn’t have a clue, but I do know now and it is because you lit that small flame that continues to grow into this exciting blaze. Thank you for your unconditional non-judgmental love!!!

  6. Lisa Lunbeck says:

    Kris~ A beautiful, heartfelt interview! The passion that you have for the work that you do is very inspiring! Another gift…

    I LOVE Wings! I love what I have learned about myself, I love connecting with people and being in service. I look forward to seeing you all again~real soon!

    Much Love and Gratitude Kris! Lisa

  7. Doreen says:

    I Love you and the amazing work that you do!
    Thank you for shairing that with us!

  8. Marie Ogier says:

    Kris, I adored your interview! It brought back amazing memories. You nailed it! That very first Crossover more than 25 yrs ago was a huge pivotal point for the company. The people and staff that came out of it have been such a monumental gift, and we could see it than. Kris, you have brought such heart and authenticity to what is now Wings. It makes my desire to see Bev again even stronger. The two of you have so greatly enriched my world all these years without knowing it. My family, sisters, brother, cousins and their families, friends, aquaintances, work partners and even my children have become graduates. Even the family that has not take the trainings would never end a conversation without a sincere “I love you”! It’s such a transformation. I’m motivated to help get the word out again. Thank you!

  9. Mindy Lyman says:

    Thank YOU Kris for being so forth right and sharing your honesty and wholeness with us. As I listened, how I want to help people value themselves also, and to support others by giving away what I have. God bless you for being that example. I pray for you and Wings to continue on the road to success in meeting your goals and touching lives wherever you go.

    I am grateful that I could be a part of many Wings Seminars, and take with me the teachings and pass along what I have learned to others.

    It is always fun to look back and see the growth in myself. I tell people everywhere how WINGS has touched my life. Thank you so much for touching my life, and doing your great work. May you be blessed as you walk your path. Love, Mindy Lyman

  10. Jesse Hodgdon says:

    Thanks for this podcast, Kris and Sherrie. I so agree about bringing this work into the school systems. I think all of us “wings satelites” out in the world are showing up with our tools and dreams; that is a huge contribution to every person with whom we come in contact! Wings is indeed soul food and many who have not crossed the various thresholds of Wings seminar rooms have, are and will benefit from the work you’ve been doing and sharing all these years. I have begun my own letter to you regarding your note of Jan. 11; I will send it be week’s end. Listening to you is always a delight. I love and respect you. Jesse

  11. Susan Murphy says:

    This is so inspiring.It brought me back to when I first did P.E.S. and I am still amazed in reflecting how much I have grown. I love being in service and giving back to the world in thanks for the many blessings that God has given to me.
    Throughout the struggles that we may experience in life,in that darkness,there is always a blessing in disguise.
    After listening to Kris in this special interview,I feel refreshed and renewed,it is as if I just completed a 5 day seminar.
    Thank you Kris for being such a special gift to me and to our world.
    I’m looking forward to your 50th year interview.
    Love and many blessings to you,dear Kris. and thank you for being you.