The Greatest Gift of All

You are in for a treat. Chapter 18, The Greatest Gift of All, is one of my favorites. It is all about a very precious, life-changing moment I have experienced myself, and I have seen in thousands of others…the moment we realize we are valuable just as we are.

Take some quiet time to answer the questions at the end. My hope is they will assist you in remembering how magnificent you are at the core and that you matter.

This is a great chapter to send on to the people in your life who may wonder about their own worth and how they fit in. When they answer the questions, it may lead to a heart felt conversation with you.

Take a quiet moment with yourself…relax, reflect and remember your own magnificence.

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The Greatest Gift of All

When you are inspired by some great purpose,
some extraordinary project,
all your thoughts break their bonds.
Your mind transcends limitations,
your consciousness expands in every direction,
and you find yourself
in a new, great, and wonderful world.
-Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Walking on the beach has always been one of the easiest ways for me to find my quiet self. Effortlessly moving along, one silent step after the other, gazing out at the endless ocean and sky, gives me a deep sense of my smallness and how I fit into my picture of life. Reflections, reveries, dreams, and visions float through my mind with the breeze, interrupted only by the call of a gull or a wave caressing my foot.

Walking today along the shore in the sparkling fall sunshine, my thoughts quieted, and then all of a sudden I was back in my first transformational education experience, the Personal Effectiveness Seminar in April 1982! The explosion of awareness and learning, of fun and laughter all poured back, along with the faces of so many new friends. Unfolding through my mind with each silent step, my continuation on through each seminar, being on teams, becoming an intern, working here, creating Wings Seminars with James, learning to be in partnership with James, and stepping into the role of leader, not really knowing what that meant.

As I “watched” my own unfolding and growth, I also saw the faces of all the people I have interacted with as a student and as a teacher: teens, young people, older people, my family, and friends. One moment in each person’s growth stood out over and over again, a moment so clear and sweet, a moment of profound realization and acceptance, a moment both peaceful and powerful. As I walked along, the wind whispered a name for this moment: “The greatest gift of all.”

Yes, the greatest gift of all, the moment a person realizes and accepts that by extending themselves out into the world, they are instantly enriched and so is the world, that what they have to offer, simply by being themselves, is magnificent. There is a kind of amazement that goes with this moment too, amazement that the world is responsive to us. I had spent so many years thinking that I had nothing to offer anyone, nothing that anyone would want to hear nor would benefit from, that I held myself tightly within. I was certain that no one would ever want to spend time with me. I felt totally alone even when I was surrounded by people. Have you ever felt like that? It is a painful way to live, wanting to be part of and “knowing” it is not possible.

Walking along the beach and watching all your beautiful faces ignite in my mind, my own sense of gratitude and awe awakened. All of you who have come to Wings Seminars to learn and expand have not only enriched yourselves, you have enriched Wings, your family, your workplace, and every person that you have touched. Like the ripples in a pond when we toss a pebble in, all of you have touched your world gently and powerfully by being yourselves. This is the greatest gift of all, truly—being of the world, honestly and compassionately, extending ourselves out.

How often have you waited…waited for someone else to be the one to take the risk of initiating contact with you? How do you feel while you are waiting? Confident? Powerful? Desirable? No, I don’t think so. More likely insufficient in some way, doubting your worth and capabilities.

To extend yourself, to initiate instead of waiting for someone to come find you, takes courage and a desire for meaningful relationships. When you extend yourself out to another, is there a possibility that they may not like it? Sure. There’s also the possibility that they’ll love it and you for risking.

So many people in this world would love to be loved by you, with a smile, a gentle word, a momentary easing of their loneliness, in thousands of simple ways. Is it time to stop waiting and start initiating what you want?

Perhaps this day, and maybe each day, you will choose to share the greatest gift of all: yourself.


1. What have been pivotal learning experiences for you? How did you change your life as a result?

2. Have you experienced “the greatest gift of all,” accepting that who you are and what you have to offer is magnificent? And that by extending yourself out into the world that both you and the world are enriched?

3. What keeps you waiting for someone to come find you? How do you feel while you are waiting?

4. What are some simple things you could do today to initiate respectful and com- passionate connection with others?

I encourage you to share your responses to the reflection questions in the comments section.

With love and gratitude,
Kris King

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4 Responses to “The Greatest Gift of All”

  1. Christine Drake says:

    I was sitting at my computer struggling with words for a paragraph describing my massage touch work for my marketing expert (my daughter) to use in some promotions for my practice. Everyone tells me, “you have such a gift”. When I listened to your words, they entered my heart and brought me tears of JOY and CLARITY. Thank you!

  2. Arlette says:

    I am not sure that this is the entire answer as I have no problem reaching out to others. I love people and I love to help them. I am a nurse in Oncology and I find it extremely rewarding. It is a vocation and about the only thing that brings me great joy in my life. That does not sustain me, however. I help people, love people, they are greatful, but I don’t feel well or loved. No one cherishes me. My friends love me, but I do not have a significant other that cherishes me, nor did I ever have family that cherished me. Nothing fills that hole.
    I am told you must love yourself first. How? How do you do that? There is no magic bullet that I have found. I too have been in many groups, therapy, read self help. I don’t seem to be able to do it. It seems to always fall back on me. I am sadly lacking in what it takes to be loved and to transcend my wounds.
    I am going to the seminar in June to give it yet another try, but I am running out of steam and am tired of feeling bad. Too many years with no hope.


    • Nicky says:

      I guess that we must learn to not only reach out, but to accept and receive. To find one’s self. To love one’s self. And to be responsible for one’s self response, the possibilities are endless. There is no magic, but the magic within. I believe you have found that this weekend. You are an amazing, warm, loving woman. Learn to truly love thy self as I know you can for others. I look forward to our future “conversations” and aknwoledgment of ourselves. Warmest wishes and love, Nicky

  3. Brad Thomsen says:

    I tried to send this yesterday but I put in my mail address in the box above and not email address and got a message the reply did not go. So if you get this twice, sorry.

    Just a quick synopsis, at one time in my life I likely believed your message above. Been through lots of programs, and have had an interesting life.

    I raised myself from the abject poverty of my youth to great wealth and success. Then lost it all and wound up homeless again.

    ‘Not eating broke’ is what we who have been there like to call it.

    Climbing back out of abject poverty for the second time in my life now.

    People have little value to me anymore. Outside of the love of my children, other people do not keep me fed, they don’t keep me warm or with shelter.

    Money does that.

    I have learned the only true reality in life is money.

    That old hierarchy of needs is my reality.

    Money is not the most important thing in the world.
    Love is. Fortunately I love money.

    A businessman whom I respect went to your program and has advised I attend your program. I will be there in your June program.

    I no longer want to be part of groups, not looking to connect meaninfully with anyone. I am surrounded by superficial friends and that is good enough.

    I need to build another fortune to make sure I am never hungry and homeless again. Pay off my kids college. There will never be enough accumulated wealth for me ever again. My driving force is achieving a sustainable fortune that grows until the end of my days.

    If it can’t be bought with money, it ain’t worth having.

    I remember selling my Rolex as my last slide into abject poverty happened. At the time I thought things couldn’t get any worse. They did.

    Never again. Never, ever, ever again will I be poor.

    Brad Thomsen