Interview by Jhet van Ruyven

I was interviewed recently by Author and Speaker Jhet Torcelino van Ruyven. You can watch a video of this interview titled, “Life Transformation Tips” now. It’s a little over six minutes and packed full of insights and ideas for living a balanced life. Enjoy!

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7 Responses to “Interview by Jhet van Ruyven”

  1. Kris

    It is with love and gratitude that I remember my Wings Seminars which I took over 20 years ago.

    Maureen Freyne

  2. Celia MacDonald says:

    Hi Kris,
    I will never forget the first Wings seminar I went to . Or all the ones after that including sending our children. My life has been greatly impacted by your seminars and I continue to live what I was taught. Life is not always beautiful but with a grateful heart we can see beyond the pain to the joy and beauty that is ahead.
    Thank you for sharing your journey…

  3. Bonnie Cohn says:

    Thanks for the beautiful heartfelt messages in your interview. It always helps me to be reminded of those important teachings I have learned and carried with me over the years from Wings. I will see you soon as my sweet stepson Robin will be attending the upcoming PES. I am so excited for him. Love, Bonnie

  4. michelle bouvia-emeott says:

    So wonderful to hear the WINGS message in such a compact, complete form. I can use this film as an instant review of all I want to change in my life. Reminds me of something I read once, about a rabbi who was captured by an enemy. His enemy said, “If you can explain the Torah to me in 5 minutes or less, I will let you go”. The rabbi replied, “Treat others as you would have them treat you. The rest is just commentary.” He went free. Thanks for posting this.

  5. Ole T. Helgerson, USA says:


    Thanks for posting the interview. Good stuff. I was a fairly hardened sceptic when I attended PES 21 years ago. What I have learned since is that the principles and insights gained then have allowed me to create a more positive life; even more so when I actively practice them.



  6. Jhet says:

    As a life-long learner, I have been into personal development for a while and I can say that “Wings Seminars” is one of the seminars that “transformed” my life from the deepest core of my being. I re-connected to who I really am and what I am meant to be. I am a calm, peaceful, joyful and loving woman living a life of gratitude, abundance and purpose… sharing my gifts to the world.

    I highly highly recommend this to anyone who wants to create a balance life. My own family attended this too. Kris said it beautifully “I can’t stop it out there unless I stop it in me”. And as Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see..” My life is the way it is because I create it”.

    Open your heart, attend PES and let the magic and bliss start all over. Enjoy your own journey. I love you Kris.

    This interview captured the words and wisdom of what Wings Seminars is all about. Watch this, review it, read it, practice it, heal yourself, leave a comment and pass it on.

    • Ruth Gray says:

      Dear Kris,
      Thanks so much for the loving interview. Thanks so much for the loving reminders. Thanks so much for the loving gong on the side of my head! Thanks so much for your loving voice.