Love Letters Straight from the Heart

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Love Letters Straight from the Heart

You cannot do a kindness too soon
for you never know how soon
it will be too late.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s that time of year when we start thinking of gift giving to those closest and dearest to us, of feasts and celebrations, Hanukkah, Christmas, and the celebration of winter solstice. It’s a time of gathering those we love the most, of laughing with them, of noticing the very best in them (sometimes difficult to do at a family gathering!), and of celebrating ancient spiritual and religious traditions and the great abundance we all share by exchanging gifts and preparing sumptuous meals. Sounds great, and yet… Is there something missing? During this season of celebration, do you feel filled up or perhaps empty? There sure is a lot of emphasis on the spirit of the season. Where does the spirit come from, and when does it arrive?

In case you are in doubt, I love the trappings and history of Christmas, the traditions that have arisen since approximately 336 AD when Christmas was first celebrated. I deeply respect the Jewish celebration of the victory of the Maccabees over Antiochus IV Epiphanes in 165 BC—Hanukkah. Winter solstice is an ancient celebration of being happy and thankful to be alive as the days become longer and of sharing stored abundance. All are long-established and meaningful celebrations of spiritual freedom and hope for humanity. The spirit of these traditional holy days is laden with joy, love, pride, acceptance, shared abundance, reverence for life, and peace. How do we bring the spirit back if we do not feel it?

So often as I walk through shops and grocery stores looking at the faces of people as they prepare for the holidays, I feel sad that I see so little joy and very little of the glow that I associate with peace. As I walk, I wonder what each person’s life is like and if there is any way I can brighten their day. A smile, a nod, and I am gone. What else?

What would happen if that father of three toddlers or that teenage beauty were to go back to their car and find a letter on the windshield addressed simply “To you.” They may be impatient as they open it, maybe wondering what kind of come-on this is, and then they read the words in my handwriting.

“You are no different than any person on this earth, and you are…you are light and truth and humor and love and beauty. You are endless and timeless. I do not know you, and yet I do. I love you in this precious moment of this thing we call time. We are travelling through time together, even though you do not know me. I honor how you are caring for those you love, especially yourself. I feel your pain and separation, and I delight in your joy. My life is enriched knowing there are people like you in our world. The greatest gift you have to offer is you.

Thank you for being simply you. With love, all things are possible.”

Any number of things could happen. Hopefully, one of them being the person would know that someone cared and wished to send a message of love and acknowledgment, a love letter straight from the heart.

Imagine going into an airport, opening the phone book, choosing a name, or several names, and writing a love letter straight from the heart, mailing it, and hopping on your plane. Imagine choosing a distant family member, or even one who is close, and sharing your thoughtful words. Imagine sending your words of peace and love out into the world, your own words, words that speak to your soul. Unconditional caring and giving—isn’t that what we all want to experience? And yet so often we wait for another to initiate, to come find us. Please stop waiting and start loving.

I think I have just created a new tradition for myself that takes me back to the spirit of our ancient traditions. It brings back the feeling of holy days into my everyday life.

Will you join me, at least once? When we look for ways to love and acknowledge, that’s usually what we find. And when we share them with the world, our world is rich with meaning.

How would you feel if you received a love letter straight from the heart? Write it and give it away now.


1. What traditions do you practice to celebrate the abundance in your life (e.g., Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, other)?

2. How are the things you do fulfilling and meaningful for you? How are they stressful, perhaps draining?

3. Painting a new picture of how you want to celebrate, what will you do differently?

4. Who do you think would want to receive a love letter straight from the heart from you?

With love and gratitude,
Kris King

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3 Responses to “Love Letters Straight from the Heart”

  1. Elena Daniels says:

    Hi Kris and fellow time travelers,
    It feels good to reconnect after a long absence. I love reading your inspiring quotes and tidbits.
    Love is simple yet so difficult in action. The best practitioners of love among us may be our children who don’t think about love–they simply are it!
    During the holidays and any other day, I want to live my life in this simple, beautiful way: led by love! May your inner lights shine on brightly, so we may all find our way together…

  2. Lorrie Jones says:

    Thank you for this post, Kris, and for the exquisite timing of your words. As I anticipate the holiday events ahead, I often find myself feeling anxious, overwhelmed…how many people for dinner? How much shopping is being asked of me? It is all too easy for me to get caught up in the “have to” tasks and more or less dreading it all. I am reminded today of celebration, of gratitude, of being alive and being able to participate in the holiness of Christmas and the New Year. I plan to look at the days ahead and mindfully create a simple approach to each event, focusing on the meaning and the joy and minimizing the work involved. I plan to anchor each day with a mindful check-in and practice – a simple breathing meditation or perhaps some yoga or walking – to build balance and tranquility. Each time I feel overwhelmed, I will ask myself:”how can I create a simpler plan?” And above all, I commit to remembering the sacredness of celebrating light and life with family and beloved friends, keeping meaning and love priority. And yes, I will write a love letter today – and choose either a stranger or perhaps someone close to me whom I have not honored in a loving way. Thank you for being who you are, Kris. Blessings to you –

  3. Cindy Martel says:

    Thank you for this post. As I find myself back in the midst of a tradition I left behind as well as the stresses of City life, I reflect on why I chose to give up Christmas. My children were young and the trials of affording gifts for the family which consisted of 8 children, 2 parents and the respective spouses, nieces, nephews etc. became overwhelming. Not to mention the stress that my mother was under to perform for the masses. One Christmas I showed up and the presents were all the way out to the middle of the living room floor taking over the space meant for people. We, my children and I, decided that celebrating Christmas didn’t look like this to us so we started creating our own and just stopped with the stress of taking time off work, driving 9 hours round trip and trying to please with gifts. We began choosing a place or a thing to do together. It was wonderful to see our own vision of what the season meant to us.

    I am reminded by your post of the higher calling of the season, the holy days, joy, peace, love and kindness. The spiritual calling that gets lost in the competition and expectations of others. I am reminded of family and sharing funny stories and laughing together as we recall the misadventures of our youth. I am reminded that we are all the same in love and spirit.

    Thank you, it has meant so much to me to have your blog here available anytime I want a reminder. Thank you for all that you do for love.