What Was I Seeking? Reflections on the PES

Time for the next chapter of my book. What I love about Chapter 35 “What Was I Seeking? Reflections on the PES,” is that it was mostly written by a Personal Effectiveness Seminar grad while he was in the seminar. The poem describes his experience and what he observed so vibrantly. It’s almost like being there.

Step by step, experience to experience…it let’s you know the impact of this work. I get to experience the PES every month and be part of the transformation again and again. No wonder I am such a healthy 70 year old woman!

This may be a chapter that you want to share with someone close to you to help them understand your experience. If you haven’t done the PES…I think this message is a perfect one for you…and see if it is time to sign up for the ride of your life.

I am also including a short video about the impact of the PES that you may want to pass on.

I hope all is well and that you have a lovely Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be grateful for.

With love and gratitude,

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What Was I Seeking?

I hear, I forget
I see, I remember
I do, I understand.
-Chinese Proverb

I am constantly amazed at the power of this work and what we create as a result. Imagine it’s Sun- day afternoon in the Seattle Personal Effectiveness Seminar. We’ve spent four days together learning and growing. Jim Klauser asks if he can read a poem he wrote the night before.

What Was I Seeking?
Reflections on the PES
by Jim Klauser

I came looking for something, I wasn’t quite sure.
Direction? Some guidance? A conscience made pure?
Or maybe a chance to gain peace, or be free?
Perhaps all of these—or how to just be.

I thought I was open and knew what I had.
My life was so full, and really not bad.
But something was missing, I didn’t know why,
So I came to the class—I’d give it a try.

But there was no TRY, only DO or NOT DO,
And beliefs that lie hidden, I’m aware of a few
That limit my options and give shape to my life;
Some lead me to action, others cause strife.

What I found was a choice for me now to own
The things that I’ve done, the past I condone,
And the things that I wish I could simply forget.
They’re all part of me, all my doing and yet,

I’m much more than my past, the sum of my deeds
Or the times that I’ve scored, and grabbed what I need.
It’s my being that counts, just the presence of one
That speaks to the world and can shine like the sun

When I take the time to just listen to you
Or look in your face and it’s just between two
Where our spirits can touch and be close as doves
Open and free, expressing our love.

And what do I see when I look in your eyes?
Is it fear? or aliveness? some mask? or disguise?
No, I see a deep beauty, a child unconstrained.
We embrace and share closeness, for moments remain

In a state where time stops, only being that counts
And we find in this moment, our power it mounts.
This discovery, this birth, is what I had sought,
A chance to be touched and to share this one thought

That I can be the source of much grace
When I choose to be open and give others space
To reach out to me and share their true love.
It’s a mutual mirror of grace from above.

It’s LOVE and RESPECT that I’m called to exhibit.
Say good-bye to dependency, at SOURCE I will live it.
To live in intention, and master WIN/WIN,
Where no one must loose, or be put down again.

It’s music I’m asked to play with my life,
Like twenty-two cellos cutting war like a knife.
And this song has a name that will set the world free.
It’s clear and it’s bright—it’s INTEGRITY.

And it flows from my words, it’s imbedded in truth,
To keep my commitments, a return to my youth
When yes meant yes, and no meant no,
And life was much simpler and I went with the flow.

Forgiveness was here, I found my soul’s healing
To cleanse those in my past, and share a deep feeling
Of love and respect for all those I’ve known
And those that I’ve hurt, I claim as my own.

So what did I gain from this PES?
Was it just information? No, it was a YES
To my life and to all those I see.
What I got was a chance—to come home to ME!

I wrote this poem just before going to bed on the next-to-last day of my Personal Effectiveness Seminar. It’s a gift to all those who participated in the PES conducted January 25–28, 1996, in Seattle—and to those who have worked to make this program a reality in mine and others’ lives. Blessings.
—Jim Klauser

Jim, thank you for sharing yourself and the impact of the Personal Effectiveness Seminar with us all.


1. Take a few minutes to relax and remember an experience in your life that was very meaningful for you. Bring the event clearly into your mind and write a poem about it. Let yourself use vibrant words to share your truth.

2. Bring to mind someone you would like to share your poem with and read it to them.

3. What did you learn about yourself by doing this assignment?

With love and gratitude,
Kris King

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