What If? Through the Eyes of Fear and Love

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into miracles.
-Kris King

“What if?” is a very powerful question because it invites us to be creative and envision the future.

However, I have noticed that very often this question is used in a fearful way. For example: “What if I get sick?”

“What if they leave me?”

“What if I lose my job?”

“What if I never figure it (life) out?”

“What if the terrorists attack?”

“What if the sky falls?” (Henny Penny)

“What if I make a mistake about something important?”

The list goes on and on. Just notice how you felt reading these questions. Perhaps a loss of energy, concerned, fearful? Notice the images in your mind, perhaps remembering past inadequacies or hurts. The above questions set your imagination in motion with a negative focus, and the result is what I call “disaster films” with your life as the story line. Every time you imagine in this way, you imbed the fearful beliefs more strongly not only in your mind but also in your body. The result is often inaction and the feeling of being stuck, hopeless. Have you ever noticed this?

Imagine the shift in your results if you ask “what if ” questions from a different perspective—the perspective of love.

“What if I take really good care of myself physically?”

“What if I love myself and others wholeheartedly?”

“What if I show up fully, using my skills and talents in life and in my work?”

“What if life offers me opportunities to learn every day?”

“What if my body is worthy of my loving care?”

“What if peace starts with me?”

“What if the universe really is a safe place?”

“What if taking a stand for something I believe in is exhilarating?”

“What if I can really have what I want?”

Again, notice how you felt as you read these questions. Perhaps curious, inspired, relaxed? Notice
the images that came to mind. Times of your greatest resourcefulness and involvement? This use of “what if” invokes your imagination and creativity in a positive and enlivening way, of possibilities, dreams, and action.

By shifting our perspective from fear to love, we impact every aspect of our lives.

Have you been waiting in any part of your life, fearful that it won’t turn out right? The quality of the questions we ask ourselves determines the quality of our lives. Is it time to start asking questions that reveal your desired present and future?

Every time you choose love over fear, you change the world and make it a better place for you and the people around you.

Wings is here to support you in daring to dream big and advocating for the world you want to
live in.


1. How have you used “what if” questions in the past?

2. What has been the impact on your thinking and how you feel about your life?

3. Make your own list of “what if” questions that are positive and open your mind to the possibilities of your life.

4. Notice how you feel when you read your list. Is it time to step into your desired future?

With love and gratitude,
Kris King

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