Leadership Training

Kris King offers three distinct Leadership Training courses through Wings Seminars.

Authentic Leader Training

The Authentic Leader Training is an intensive 10 day leadership training, in two five day segments, that balances self awareness, theory, practice, and resource building. Participants learn effective leadership through one-on-one coaching, plus hands-on experience in designing and delivering presentations, videotaping, and both giving and receiving behavior-specific feedback. They engage in a wide variety of skill and resource-building processes, further developing existing strengths while transforming weaknesses.

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Structure of Authentic Leadership

The Structure of Authentic Leadership goes to the heart of True Leadership. This 3 day training transforms your corporate team as all team members acquire The Seven Essential Elements of Leadership and applies them directly in your workplace, as well as in their personal lives.

Create a team of leaders who:

  • » People want to work for and with.
  • » Inspire enthusiasm, creativity, commitment, and loyalty.
  • » Take pride in accepting challenges and getting things done.
  • » Bring out the best in co-workers and staff.
  • » Aim for excellence.

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    Advanced Authentic Leadership

    The Advanced Authentic Leader training is for graduates of the Authentic Leader who are ready to take their development as a leader to the next level.

    • » Individualized coaching
    • » Video, verbal and written feedback
    • » Personal strengths analysis
    • » Opportunities to practice new skills
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